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Frequently Asked

Online Order Stuff

What payment methods do you take?

You name it, we've (probably) got it! We take:

- Shop Pay
- Credit Card
- American Express
- PayPal
- Afterpay
- Zip
- Excessive compliments (not really but they're still highly encouraged)

Do you make shoes for men
now too?

Sure do! Our new inclusive size range and wider fit mean there’s a TWOOBS to suit men, women, non-binary people, and people of all gender expressions and foot shapes. All our styles are available in sizes 35 - 45. If we don't make shoes in your size, then let us know.

Shipping & Delivery Stuff

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are the worst, which is why we'll shout you free shipping on orders over $50 within Aus! We're cool like that. For the d-low on all other shipping prices including international shipping, head here.

Does TWOOBS deliver
everywhere in the world?

If you have a mailbox, we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to get them to you. Unless you’re on some remote island in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a monkey for a best friend and your mailbox is carved out of coconuts… in which case, can we come? 

Can my order be gift wrapped?

We don't offer gift wrapping cos we don't believe in excess waste (sorry!).

BUT if you are wrapping a gift for a lucky friend/family member/Tinder date, we recommend re-using old materials like fabric, newspapers or magazines that you might already have at home.

Way more special right?!

How long after I place my order
will my TWOOBS arrive?

It typically takes about 3 - 5 days for your order to arrive, depending on the post service. Hang tight, international friends, your order will most likely take the same amount of time as the perfect Hawaiin getaway — about 10 days.

If your order includes an item available on pre-order and a pair of in-stock shoes,we will dispatch your in-stock items within 7 business days of receiving your order. Otherwise, your order will be held and sent once the pre-order item is available.

Can I track my order?

Can unicorns fly? Hint, the answer starts with ya- and ends with -as. When you complete your order you’ll be sent an email with all the deets.

Care Guide Stuff

How can I keep my TWOOBS
in the best condition?

Use them as Christmas ornaments instead of shoes.

But if you’re sold on this whole wearing-them-on-your-feet idea, we have a whole care guide for you right here.

Returns & Exchanges Stuff

I’m sure I’ll totally love TWOOBS
even more in person, but what
happens if I need to return?

We get it, sometimes the fit ain’t right or you realise you prefer Jonathan Van Noir to RougePaul. If that’s the case, don’t worry. TWOOBS aren’t easily offended. Head to our returns portal within one month of purchase and follow the steps to lodge your return.

Just a heads up, shipping costs on your order aren't refundable.

*Closet Clean-Out items are eligible for an exchange, but not returns.

Fun Stuff

How do I pronounce

Ahhh the age-old question. Like knife, gnome and autumn, we decided to totally screw with you and chuck an unnecessary extra letter in there. It’s pronounced TOOBS, but everything’s better in twos, so we added the W. Now that you’re in on it, feel free to point and giggle when your friends mispronounce.

I don’t get it,
are you a footwear brand
or aren’t you?

Well, we’re kinda a footwear brand. But kinda not really. See, we didn’t really agree with the way most shoes were being created. So we decided to create something, well, kinder. We’re taking the fast out of ‘fashion’ by creating colourful, comfy shoes out of good-for-the-planet materials that are made to last. So, we’re not just about footwear, we’re about being kinder to your feet, furry friends and the planet.

Oohhhh I get it,
so it’s kind of like a clever pun
with the word “kinder”.

Kinda ;)

What's your favourite emoji?

The poo emoji, duh. Isn’t it everyone’s?

When is it not appropriate to wear TWOOBS?

TWOOBS are always appropriate! To the beach, going shopping, hanging at parties, eating donuts in your underwear… Unless you get invited to a fancy dinner at Oprah's house, then you should probably find something that more says ‘Hey Gayle, let’s get a selfie?’ On second thought, TWOOBS are the right choice there too.

Sustainability Stuff

Are you a sustainable brand?

Well, we don't really think we can call any fashion sustainable right now, but that's for another Ted Talk. While we may not have all the answers, we’re putting our best foot forward when it comes to reducing our impact on the planet. From our Earth-loving Sweet Soles to our Takesies Backsies recycle program. There’s lots of practical stuff we’re doing to up our eco-game. If this floats your boat, you can read more about it here.

So in what ways are you a kinder brand?

That’s kinda a great question, and we want to do the answer justice, so we created a whole section of our website dedicated to answering just that. You can read all about how we’re a kinder brand here.

Were any animals harmed
in the making of TWOOBS?

We’re proud to say TWOOBS is 100% vegan! Other than the puppies who may have suffered from being overly cuddled while we perfected the art of sandal creation, absolutely not. All our shoes are made with vegan-friendly materials and are PETA-Approved Vegan.

Stockist Stuff

Can I buy your super cool
life changing shoes in stores?

If you live in Byron Bay (lucky you!) you can come visit our first IRL store here.
Otherwise, dude it’s 2024. This here website is a store. But instead of driving there, finding a parking space, stopping on the way to buy vegan froyo blah blah blah you just click some buttons, and voila! The shoes arrive at your doorstep. So yes, you can buy them in a store - in Byron or at this amazing online one!